The LOGÜ Nomad Professional Bundle gives you everything you need for a professional remote working setup. The bundle includes:


- our LOGÜ Nomad Remote Working Desk

- our LOGÜ Nomad Coffee Stand 

- our LOGÜ Nomad Desk Riser

- your company name engraved on the lateral railing.


All materials are made from sustainable birch ply and are can be assembled and disassembled in less than 60 seconds. All of our products are screwless and fixtureless.


  • The desk dimensions are as follows:

    • 1220mm is the widest part of the base.

    • 1030mm is the width at the surface (with 920mm usable desk surface).

    • Depth is 590mm (desk surface from front to back)

    • Height is 740mm (base to desk surface).



LOGÜ Nomad - Remote Working Pro Bundle (w/ Personal Engraving)

Color: Dove Grey
  • The listed price includes V.A.T.

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